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game assessability

Most of the slot games will not open for me. There is an arrow shown just to the side of the play bar. Why are these games not opening?

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I have not received any indication that my problem has even bee looked at. What is the use of reporting a problem? 

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Hello Richard, 

There is a current issue in Simon's Slots that is preventing the machine downloads from happening correctly. This is an issue we are working to fix in the next update to the app. We expect to release the update as soon as next week.

I apologize for the inconvenience and also for the delay in responding. You're much better off submitting a ticket in the future should you have any other questions or concerns.



Blue Crystal Labs Support

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I am having the same problem.  I have many different slot machines, but can only get into 3. In Vegas South,  I can play Glitzy Kitty and The Queen's Corgis, and I think there's one in Boardwalk that I can play.  All the other places can't be downloaded.

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We are continuing to work and correct this issue of machines not downloading. A future update will contain a fix for this issue. 

You may choose to reinstall the app to remedy this issue in the meantime. We strongly recommend that you connect the app with Facebook or your progress in Simon's Slots will be lost (including credits, XP, unlocked machines etc). 

To connect the app with Facebook, follow these instructions.

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