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I get frustrated because this game barely gives you winnings. I have had as many as 30 free spins and not get one win. As a rule I have to spin 15 to 20 times to get a very minimal payout. Can never build up enough to play more than a few minutes. Like the game (Americana) but the payout sucks.

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Same, one win, 90 000. Lost it all without anymore wins

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Yes, I agree with both entries. Sucks when you dont get a win at all. A push is not a win and the pushes still dont pay even. WTF

Yup same here! Glad I am just playing with free credits because there is no winning! So bummed cause I like the app....oh well...
I have been having problems with achievements section where daily bonus returns to 100 from 3800 and 1 day played for other achievements even though I have played every day. This has happened several times. Am not sure why this is happening and have written numerous emails to which I have not received any replies to date.

When I was at VIP silver I received a daily credit of 2500. When I progressed to Gold it should have increased to 3125. however, since 28/04/17 the bonus indicates 3125, but only transfers 625.    

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