While playing any Blue Crystal Labs app, your progress is continuously saved to your device automatically and there is no need to manually save your progress.

Your progress in Simon's Slots can be transferred over to a different device if you connect to Facebook in the Simon's Slots app on your old device and then on your new device. To connect to Facebook in the app, open the Settings Menu and select "CONNECT". Log into your Facebook account and allow Simon's Slots permission to connect to your Facebook account. (*Note* - Simon's Slots will never post to Facebook without your permission.) Repeat this Facebook Connect procedure on your new or different device to load your current progress onto that device.

Other Blue Crystal Labs apps without the option to connect to Facebook do not support transferring progress at this time. We are working to provide this capability in a future update to the app. 

If you encounter any issue with your progress not saving properly, please Submit a Ticket or email us directly at support@bluecrystallabs.com for help.