Wondering why a certain combination of symbols rewarded you with credits? Curious to know how the amount was determined? This guide will help answer your questions. 

Pay lines are the lines which a predetermined combination of symbols must appear on for you to win rewards. Pay lines are a series of straight, diagonal, and zigzag lines that run left-to-right through the reels. After each spin, each pay line is evaluated to determine if a winning combination of symbols appears on them. When a winning combination of symbols appears on a pay line, you will receive a payout based on the rewards set in the machine's pay table. Each machine contains different symbols on its reels and symbols have varying rewards associated to them. The pay table can be accessed by pressing the MENU button and then pressing the PAYTABLE button to view the pay table rewards for all combinations of symbols for a machine.

The payout for a pay line is based on these factors:

  • Bet amount
  • Number of pay lines on the machine
  • Reward for the symbol combination on the pay line

To calculate your reward, first determine the amount you have bet on a per line basis. Machines have 30 pay lines (Glitzy Kitty, Spoils of Sparta, Persian Paradise) or 40 pay lines (Queen's Corgis, Bear Run, Aussie Outback). The bet amount divided by the number of pay lines in the machine will result in the per line bet amount. 

For instance, if you are playing Queen's Corgis (40 pay lines) and bet 120 credits, the amount of credits bet per line is 3 credits (120 credits / 40 lines = 3 credits per line).

Now that the credits bet per line has been determined, the reward for the combination of symbols is considered. When 3 or more like symbols appear consecutively on a pay line, with the first of the 3 or more symbols appearing on the leftmost reel, the reward shown in the pay table for the number of symbols is multiplied by the per line bet. 

Using the same example from before (playing Queen's Corgis and betting 120 credits each spin, resulting in 3 credits being bet per line) we consider the payout for a spin that results in five crowned corgi symbols appearing on the top row. The pay table shows the crowned corgi symbol with the following rewards:

  • 5x - 1000
  • 4x - 300
  • 3x - 50

The reward for 5x, or five of these symbols, is 1000 credits per credit bet on the line. The amount of the bet per line, which we determined previously, is 3. The reward, 1000 credits, is multiplied by the bet per line, 3 credits, and results in a payout of 3000 credits. 

Payline Formula:

( Bet amount / Number of pay lines in machine ) X Reward for symbols = PAYOUT

And from our example:

( 120 credits / 40 pay lines ) X 1000 credits for five crowned corgis = 3000 credits

Free Spin Payouts

During Free Spins, payouts are increased by a multiplier -- meaning that you will earn more credits for each pay line you hit. The multiplier is shown in the Pay Table and varies for each machine. For example, during Free Spins on the Queen's Corgis machine payouts are 2x or 200% the pay out of regular spins.